Today, Nick Garner of SportsTalk4Kids visited with Adam Baker of WKID FM radio, the only kid-owned and operated radio station in the world.  Adam has his own talk radio show, covering sports, news, and entertainment, on 96.7 FM, his live radio station that he hosts from his studio in his Clearwater, Florida, home. Adam interviewed Nick on his online radio station, and he wanted to hear all about how SportsTalk4Kids started and all the people Nick has interviewed.  Nick explained that he started SportsTalk4Kids to show kids positive role models in sports, and he described some of his favorite interviews, including Tommy Lasorda, Matt Barkley, and Brian Kelly.  Nick also talked about, his family travel site and all the places that they have visited. Adam, aka A-Dawg, introduced Nick to his sidekick brother, Eric, “Bobo the  Monkey”, and he showed Nick around the studio.  Adam described how to start a radio station, and how his dad surprised him one Christmas with a kit to make your own radio station.  The internet radio station WKID is cool to listen to and even neater to visit.  Thanks to A-Dawg and Bobo Monkey for allowing SportsTalk4Kids to spend a day in the studio and to be on the the show.


Radio Station - WKID